Radiocarbon Dating

This tool is ment to track results of radiocarbon dating. As the tools for Anthropological Analyses it can be accessed by pressing the Tools button displayed on the level of stratigraphic units.


After then pressing the Radiocarbon dating button, you can add and/or edit the following information:

  • Laboratory ID - an alphanumerical abbreviation of the lab that conducted the analyses, e.g. VERA for Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator

  • Specimen ID - a numeric ID given to the sample by the conducting laboratory

  • Radiocarbon year - Result if the analysis in years, e.g. 1015

  • Range - Accounts for the possible error of the measurement and is stated in the result as +/- value in years, e.g. +/- 30. In the form you only state the amount of years, adding +/- into the form field is not necessary

An overview over the added/edited information is provided after saving the data.