Network visualization

With the integration of D3.js data can be visualized as a network graph available at the Network visualization button at the Overview or as an egocentric network at the entity detail view.

Classic is the default but it can be switched to other types at the top of the visualization pages.








  • Colors - you can change the node color of classes

  • Depth - in egocentric networks you can define the link depth

  • Show orphans - if nodes without connections should be shown too

  • Width - the width of the resulting image in pixel

  • Height - the height of the resulting image in pixel

  • Charge - a parameter for the distance between entries which are not connected

  • Distance - a parameter for the distance between connected entries

In case of performance issues

  • Check if your browser has hardware acceleration enabled

  • Try different browsers, some are faster than others when dealing with large data sets


If an image is available (classic mode only) you can download it as PNG. Be aware that the resulting image is exactly what you see in this moment so you may want to change width and height in the options before. Also you may want to choose a zoom level where labels are readable.